Communication Devices – Compliance Restrictions

Many of Lenovo’s computers can operate with wireless functionality, either through Bluetooth, WLAN (Wireless LAN), or WWAN (Wireless WAN). In addition these products may have the ability to operate using a Telecom Modem that connects to the wired telephone network.

These communication devices are developed, designed and tested to comply with the many wireless and telecom agency requirements throughout the world. This compliance ensures that these devices do not cause any harm to the wireless networks and Public Switching Telecommunication Networks (PSTN). In addition, Lenovo has verified that these devices do not violate any power and frequency spectrum allocations on a country by country basis.

United States FCC ID Information: Form 740 for Import

In some cases it may be necessary for customers that are not located in the USA to ship your Lenovo computer to a location in the USA. This will often require what is called an FCC 740 form, which provides the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with a declaration that imported radio frequency devices meet with FCC guidelines.

Typically Lenovo computers contain wireless devices that are mounted internally to the product. Each of these wireless devices is approved by the FCC using a grant of authorization (see EMC Compliance for more details). This grant approval and approval number is specific to each wireless devices, and your computer may contain one or more wireless devices, either Bluetooth, WLAN (Wireless LAN), or WWAN (Wireless WAN).

If you are filling out the FCC Form 740, and are unsure about the location of the FCC ID for the wireless devices in your computer, here are some guidelines:

  • For IdeaPad notebooks and IdeaCentre All-In-One desktops, the FCC ID label should be visible to the user and is typically identified using the format “Contains FCC ID: XXXXXXX”.
  • For ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre All-In-One desktops, this FCC ID will not be visible from the exterior, but is located internally on the wireless device itself. There will typically be a pointer label that states that this FCC ID is visible by removing a user accessible panel so that you can see it.

If you do not wish to locate this number(s) yourself, or are unsure about the correct number(s), please send an email to with the following information:

  • "FCC Form 740” in the subject line
  • Machine Type of your computer [1]
  • Model Number of your computer [1]
  • Serial Number of your computer [1]

[1]For help finding the Machine Type, Model Number, or Serial Number of your computer, go to or go to for tablets or phones.