Lenovo vs HP

Lenovo vs HP Laptops

When it comes to laptop computers, you have options. Two of the most popular manufacturers today are Lenovo and HP. Deciding between the two can be difficult if you're unsure what it is you need or want out of a laptop. Things to consider include available memory and storage capacity, the type of display that is included, computing power, reliability, and usability.

As one of the largest vendors of personal computers in the world (accounting for approximately 20 percent of all units shipped worldwide), Lenovo, is established and reputable. With laptops to suit every budget and need, Lenovo gives consumers freedom of choice, allowing them to find a solution that is tailored around their preferences. Furthermore, Lenovo laptops are regularly lauded for their design, functionality (particularly in regards to keyboard and track pad design), display technology, and value.

HP laptops have their benefits as well – they are acclaimed for their designs and audio features, in particular, and the devices ship in large numbers. However, some believe that HP laptops lag behind the competition in display technology, and are often criticized for a lack of innovation and usability. Though not bad computers, HP laptops tend to be designed to meet broader requirements.

If you are seeking a laptop that represents the current state of the art, a Lenovo laptop might better suit your needs. When compared to similar products from HP, it is Lenovo that offers the consumer more for their money.

HP vs Lenovo Reliability

In terms of reliability, both Lenovo and HP laptops should prove to be dependable. However, all laptop computers occasionally experience issues, so having a good technical support structure that you can fall back on is important. Lenovo offers consumers a dedicated support and customer assistance website at http://support.lenovo.com/us/en.

Here, individuals can login to access a range of services, speak with other consumers on Lenovo's community forum, stay updated on recalls or product announcements, and learn more about the various Windows operating systems found on Lenovo devices, including Windows 10. The site serves as a dedicated and comprehensive resource so that consumers can troubleshoot any issue they may run into during the course of their ownership experience.

Lenovo vs HP Desktop Computers

Lenovo's desktop offerings are designed to meet the needs of every type of consumer, from students and gamers to business professionals and small, medium, and large-sized businesses. For this reason, Lenovo offers a number of desktop solutions, including towers, all-in-ones, professional desktops, gaming desktops, and miniature desktops. With these core ranges, nearly every user need is accommodated. By comparison, HP offers just two core tower solutions, and one core all-in-one solution (available in three different display sizes – 24, 27, and 34 inches).

If you are in the market for a desktop solution, you will find that Lenovo provides you with ample choice. There is sure to be a desktop computer at a price point that meets your budget, and with features that suit your needs. And like Lenovo's laptop offerings, these computers are innovative, well-designed, and good value for money. Furthermore, Lenovo's various all-in-one offerings leverage the company's well-regarded display and keyboard technology for an improved user experience.

Browse Lenovo’s full lineup of laptops and desktops today for further information.

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