Lenovo Systems

Drive your business forward with a server that matches your needs. Reduce costs and complexity by investing in a system that handles today's workload and expands to accommodate future growth.

  1. No-Compromise Flex System Blades
    Flex System blade servers.

  2. Balanced Design. Built for Business.
    System x & ThinkServer rack-mount servers.

  3. Workload Hungry. Budget Friendly.
    System x & ThinkServer tower servers.

  4. Revolutionary Design. Industry-Leading Capabilities.
    Find out more about Flex System X6 Compute Nodes under Mission-Critical Servers.

  5. HPC Optimized Systems.
    NeXtScale System, iDataPlex, & clusters.

  6. Server Enhancements.
    Storage, networking, memory & processor, & rack & power options.