At every stage of planning, deployment, and support, we offer the expertise and services you need to accurately budget for IT expenses, deliver better service-level agreements, and generate greater end-user satisfaction.

  1. Tackle your most complex challenges
    Lenovo Services professionals with experience in technology solutions can help with design and architecture, assessments, power and cooling, and more.

  2. Factory installation services
    Accelerate deployment time and reduce risk by relying on experienced installation and testing technicians.

  3. Let the Lenovo experts deploy your equipment and keep it running
    You can focus on the business with assistance with installation, health checks, and deployment.

  4. Protect your technology investment
    Lenovo offers warranty upgrades, technical support, enterprise software support, and additional services to support your systems.

  5. Enhance high availability through preventative maintenance
    Experienced Lenovo consultants will perform a thorough assessment to help maintain optimal performance and efficiency in your data center.

  6. Dispose of retired hardware responsibly, securely, and easily
    Recycle and dispose of hardware assets responsibly via Lenovo’s audited processing facilities.

  7. Service lookup tools and warranty agreements
    Additional resources include: the Quick Pick tool for ThinkServer and Lenovo Storage, the Warranty Lookup tool, and Terms and Conditions of the Warranty Services for many countries.

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  • Legion Y520 on Evomag
  • Legion Y520 on Altex
  • Legion Y520 on MediaGalaxy
  • Legion Y520 on Emag
  • Legion Y520 on Flanco
  • Legion Y520 on PCgarage
  • Legion Y520 on cel
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  • Vibe S1 Lite on Eurogsm
  • Vibe S1 Lite on Marketonline
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  • Moto Z on Orange
  • Moto Z on Emag
  • Moto Z on Altex
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