Integrate your servers and storage with Lenovo's leadership Ethernet networking.

  1. Lenovo Ethernet Rack Switches

    Low Latency. Lower Power. Low Cost.
    1/10/25/40/50/100Gb Layer 2/3 top-of-rack switches.

  2. Lenovo Flex Blade System Ethernet Switches

    Connectivity, Flexibility, & Scalability.
    Get on-demand scalability & flexible port mapping for dynamic configuration of active ports in these industry-standard ports, which offer simple interoperability with existing networks.

  3. Networking Software Icon

    Networking OS, Management, & Third-Party Integration.
    For smarter, faster, easier & more reliable data centers.

  4. Juniper Networks Logo

    Achieve faster time-to-application.
    Use Lenovo servers, storage and networking integrated with Juniper products to build the next generation of converged, hyper-converged, and hyper-scale data center infrastructure solutions.

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