ThinkSystem NE1032 RackSwitch

Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1032 RackSwitch

ThinkSystem NE1032 RackSwitch

Fast entry-level 10GbE switch with enterprise features

  • L2/L3 support
  • Clos fabric
  • Ansible interface
  • OpenStack interface
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Fast entry-level 10GbE switch with enterprise features

  • Features



    • Part of a portfolio of 10GbE switches to help you choose the best solution for your deployment
    • Provides 32 SFP+ ports for great flexibility and expansion
    • Leading-edge technology for faster performance, lower latency, lower cost, and better energy-efficiency than previous generations
    • Lenovo Cloud NOS high-performance architecture, which provides flexibility and eliminates vendor lock-in 
    • VM-aware automation
    • Deep buffer inspection
    • VXLAN Gateway (planned)

    Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1032 RackSwitch Front Detail View of Ports

    Performance and value

    The Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1032 RackSwitch is a high-performance, cost-effective entry 10GbE switch. It uses the latest Ethernet switch technology, so it’s lightning fast with low latency. It provides 32x SFP+ ports at speeds up to 10Gbps, enabling flexibility and scalability.

    A direct replacement for the previous-generation RackSwitch 8124E, the NE1032 offers greater speed, lower latency, and better energy efficiency—all at a lower price.

    Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1032 RackSwitch Front Right View

    Designed for the data center

    The NE1032 is optimized with features aimed at Lenovo enterprise data center architectures, including:

    • Robust L2/L3 performance and competitive IP/Routing
    • Highly scalable and resilient full BGP stack
    • VM-aware automation in converged infrastructure
    • Built-in protection against network looping
    • Zero-Touch Provisioning to reduce time-to-production
    • Lenovo XClarity integration to simplify data center management
    • Lenovo Cloud-optimized NOS (CNOS)
    • Open Network Installation Environment (ONIE) loads from central NOS image

    Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1032 RackSwitch 2X Redundant Hot Swap PSUs

    Open cloud architecture

    Our open CNOS switches reduce data center OpEx via external interfaces that connect to the most-used data center management applications to automate virtual configuration changes. Supported applications include:

    • VMware Log Insight collects logs and events from NE1032 to find the root-cause of issues and produces reports on symptoms across multiple devices and vendors.
    • OpenStack provides interrelated components that control diverse pools of processing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center.
    • Nutanix Prism automates VLAN changes in Lenovo hyperconverged solutions.
    • Ansible automation delivers simple IT automation that ends repetitive tasks and frees up DevOps teams for more strategic work. 
    This enables you to use the management software you prefer and avoid vendor lock-in.

    Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1032 RackSwitch Supported Applications
  • Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    100% line rate performance, sub-600 nanoseconds latency, 1.44Tbps nonblocking switching throughput (full duplex), 1Bpps
    Interface Configurations
    32x 10G SFP+ Ethernet ports
    VirtualizationVLAG, VM-aware
    Front-to-rear or rear-to-front cooling, redundant hot-swappable field-replaceable fans with variable speed to reduce power draw
    Dual load-sharing hot-swap internal power modules, 50 - 60Hz, 100 - 240V AC autoswitching per module
    Management Software Supported
    Lenovo XClarity, VMware, OpenStack
    Automation / API
    Ansible, Python, REST, Telemetry
    Limited Warranty3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite limited warranty; 3-year software license term
    Associated Options For details on the NE1032, transceivers, cables, and other associated options, refer to the Lenovo ThinkSystem NE1032 RackSwitch Product Guide
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