Fusing the portability of ThinkPad with the power of a workstation, P Series laptops feature ISV-certified applications, lightning-fast graphics & processing, and more cutting-edge technology to handle your compute-intensive needs - in a surprisingly thin, light package.

  1. This 17.3" mobile workstation is power defined, a beast of a machine perfect for designers, engineers, professionals in the oil & gas industry, and power users who need high-performing CPU and GPU, brilliant color gamut, ISV certification, and insane speed in a mobile device.
  2. Combining power and portability, this 15.6" MIL-SPEC tested mobile workstation gives you stunning performance, discrete graphics, and all-day battery life.
  3. Get next-level performance with portability in this 15.6" mobile workstation, perfect for running resource-intensive applications, certified by ISVs.
  4. Discover the 14” ThinkPad P40 Yoga, the world’s first multi-mode workstation, combining power and creativity in one, a 360-degree yoga-hinge for flexible sharing, and Wacom Active ES pen technology.
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