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    Creativity and Entertainment
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    Everyday Use
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    Traditional Laptops
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  • ThinkPad

    • Powered for productivity
    • Rock-solid reliability
    • Uncompromised security

  • Lenovo Laptops

    • Optimized for entertainment
    • Enhanced multimedia
    • Stylish,functional designs

  • Ideapad

    • Broad portfolio
    • Leading-edge designs
    • Built to meet your needs

  • YOGA

    • Versatile multimode laptops
    • Designs that stand out
    • Intuitive and easy to use

Premium Performance,
Legendary Reliability

ThinkPad X Series: x1 carbon5
Thin & Light Laptops
Ultralight, with performance for extreme mobility & epic battery life.
Starting at: HK$ 7,430.00
Starting at:
HK$ 7,430.00
ThinkPad T Series: lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-t470s-front
Premium Laptops
Performance and durability in our flagship laptop series.
Starting at: HK$ 5,832.00
Starting at:
HK$ 5,832.00
ThinkPad E/Edge Series: lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-e570p-front
Preferred Small Business Solution
Distinctive design, SMB manageability tools.
Starting at: HK$ 5,818.00
Starting at:
HK$ 5,818.00
ThinkPad L Series: lenovo-laptop-l470
Mainstream Laptops
Tough and functional business laptops that fit the bill.
Starting at: HK$ 4,730.00
Starting at:
HK$ 4,730.00
ThinkPad P Series: lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-p51-hero
Mobile Workstations
Fusing the portability of ThinkPad with the power of a workstation.
Starting at: HK$ 10,050.00
Starting at:
HK$ 10,050.00
ThinkPad A Series: Lenovo ThinkPad A Series
Starting at: HK$ 5,292.00
Starting at:
HK$ 5,292.00
ThinkPad 13 Series: ThinkPad 13
Productive & Portable Laptops
Lightweight but powerful, with battery life to spare, these laptops balance mobility and productivity perfectly.
Starting at: HK$ 5,580.00
Starting at:
HK$ 5,580.00
ThinkPad Yoga Series: lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-x1-yoga2-front
Multimode Business Ultrabook
Premium 2-in-1 convertible laptops for business, with four usage modes: Laptop, Tablet, Tent, & Stand.
Starting at: HK$ 6,980.00
Starting at:
HK$ 6,980.00

Innovative Design,
Responsive Performance

Lenovo Yoga Series: lenovo yoga
Multimode Entertainment Ultrabooks and Laptops
Convert between four different modes on these innovative, versatile PCs, whether on the go or at home.
Starting at:
Lenovo V Series: lenovo v
Simple, powerful and secure business laptops
V Series laptops are perfect for cost-conscious small business owners and frequent business travelers.
Starting at: HK$ 2,599.00
Starting at:
HK$ 2,599.00

Diverse Styles,
Singular Performance

IdeaPad 100 Series: Lenovo Ideapad 120s (11, Intel)
Productive entry-level laptops at prices that won't break your budget.
Starting at: HK$ 2,498.00
Starting at:
HK$ 2,498.00
IdeaPad 300 Series: Lenovo IdeaPad 320 15
Budget-friendly laptops designed for work, rest, and everything in between.
Starting at: HK$ 4,498.00
Starting at:
HK$ 4,498.00
IdeaPad 300s Series: IdeaPad 320s
Affordable, thin & light 14" laptop with stereo speakers for the ultimate home theater experience.
Starting at: HK$ 5,998.00
Starting at:
HK$ 5,998.00
IdeaPad 500 Series: IdeaPad 520 Premium 15
Laptops that combine robust multimedia features with serious horsepower.
Starting at:
IdeaPad 500s Series: lenovo ideapad 520s 14 series front
Laptops with state-of-the-art processors that don’t sacrifice power for mobility.
Starting at: HK$ 6,898.00
Starting at:
HK$ 6,898.00
IdeaPad 700 Series: IdeaPad 720s
Sleek, light, and powerful laptops with cutting-edge technology and enhanced multimedia features.
Starting at: HK$ 8,998.00
Starting at:
HK$ 8,998.00
IdeaPad Y900 Series: ideapad y900
Epic performance and responsiveness in one seriously powerful gaming laptop.
Starting at: HK$ 28,498.00
Starting at:
HK$ 28,498.00
IdeaPad Miix Series: lenovo ideapad miix 700 front
Perfect for work and play, Miix provides a laptop when you need it and quickly becomes a touchscreen tablet.
Starting at: HK$ 2,599.00
Starting at:
HK$ 2,599.00
IdeaPad Legion Y Series: Lenovo Legion Y720 15.6
Legion Y
Gaming laptops designed by people who understand gamers' needs, built to deliver the ultimate gaming experience right out of the box.
Starting at: HK$ 6,999.00
Starting at:
HK$ 6,999.00


Yoga 300 Series: Yoga 300
Starting at: HK$ 3,098.00
Starting at:
HK$ 3,098.00
Yoga 500 Series: Yoga 520
Multimode PCs with fast processing power and four classic modes.
Starting at: HK$ 8,598.00
Starting at:
HK$ 8,598.00
Yoga 700 Series: Yoga 720
State-of-the-art four-mode convertibles boasting lightning-fast processors, extreme mobility, and other premium features.
Starting at: HK$ 9,898.20
Starting at:
HK$ 9,898.20
Yoga 900 Series: Yoga 900
Recognizably Different 2-in-1 Laptops
Beautifully slim, yet amazingly powerful, 2-in-1 laptops featuring the unique watchband hinge and four usage modes.
Starting at: HK$ 12,498.00
Starting at:
HK$ 12,498.00
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