Lenovo systems are the bedrock for new IT solutions.

  1. Accelerate the Intelligence Revolution.
    Accelerate your AI and machine learning journey with Lenovo AI Innovation Centers as well as a portfolio of offerings, software and solutions.

  2. Faster Insight.
    Providing solutions for big data & analytics to help you make sure information & analysis flows seamlessly to support real-time insight & facilitate better decision-making.

  3. Improved Productivity.
    Offering a range of high-performance, scalable, extremely reliable hardware, Lenovo can create the right solution for your business-critical workloads.

  4. Desktop Virtualization.
    Delivering client virtualization solutions that are tested across applications, software, hardware, & services to help IT managers easily deploy, secure, & manage their technology.

  5. Resource Efficiency.
    Building on the benefits of server virtualization, Lenovo cloud solutions can improve resource utilization to help you make your business processes more efficient.

  6. Data Management.
    Working with top-tier database partners, Lenovo solutions offerings are optimized to manage data from the smallest of departments to large-scale enterprise data warehouse clusters.

  7. Extreme Performance.
    Realizing faster time-to-value, improving critical decision-making, fueling innovation, & accelerating results with powerful Lenovo HPC solutions for compute-intensive & big data applications.

  8. OEM

    Proven Systems.
    Building your OEM solution on Lenovo platforms & leveraging our programs, services, & capabilities to accelerate time-to-revenue for your integrated offering.

  9. Alliances Icon

    Industry Partnerships.
    Collaborating with proven industry partners, Lenovo provides solutions using the best infrastructure & applications to address your workload needs.

Above machine specification information is for reference only and it refers to the highest configuration which the machine is compatible with, yet certain configuration may not available in Hong Kong due to reasons includes but not limited to hardware supply limitation, country (local market) regulation and so on. Please refer to the specific model description for configuration detail before you place order.

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