Innovative Design, Responsive Performance.

The Lenovo desktop line features the latest technology in a wide spectrum of smartly engineered design – from elegant all-in-one systems, to powerful gaming towers, to two-in-one tabletop PCs, to affordable family computers. Match your technology to your lifestyle.

  1. Lenovo V320 Tower Desktop.

    Powerful and Simple to Manage Tower PCs
    Powerful and Simple to Manage Tower PCs

  2. Lenovo V AIO

    V Series All-in-Ones
    Space-Saving All-in-One PCs for Small Business

  3. Lenovo S AIO

    Small-Business All-in-Ones
    These mainstream all-in-ones are responsive, adaptive, and stylish enough to make a name for your small business.

  4. Lenovo H

    Budget-Friendly, Space-Saving Towers
    Lenovo H Series packs lots of entertainment options and convenient features into your choice of mini-towers and small form factor desktops

  5. Lenovo C

    Budget-Friendly, Space-Saving Towers
    Affordable, reliable, family-friendly PCs with a space-saving design.

  6. Lenovo B

    Multimedia All-in-One Desktops
    Engineered for entertainment, B Series all-in-ones give you a wealth of cutting-edge multimedia options — from touchscreens to 3D.

  7. Lenovo A

    Stylish All-in-One Desktops
    Stylish, award-winning A Series all-in-one PCs save space, look great, and boast a range of enhanced entertainment features.