Innovative space-saving designs & portable powerhouses. Vivid graphics combined with energy-efficiency, all powered by Intel®. Whatever your professional-strength needs, Lenovo creates the tools relied upon by industry leaders—from architects, product designers, financial traders, medical and research professionals, to software designers and engineers.

  1. Desktop Pricing, Workstation Performance
    With the ThinkStation E Series, you get the performance and reliability you need on a budget you can afford.

  2. High Performance, Powerful Graphics
    The ThinkStation S30 delivers both value and performance to professionals ranging from 2D and 3D digital content creators and users of mid-range CAD and EDA applications, to finance and medical professionals.

  3. Powerful & Compact
    The C30 retains its award-winning design as the world's smallest dual-CPU workstation, supporting powerful technology while also featuring tri-channel cooling for a reliability.

  4. thinkstation p series

    Superior Reliability. Unparalleled Performance.
    With the ThinkStation P Series, you get highly usable design combined with powerful performance, flexible options, diagnostics, plenty of memory & storage, & more.

  5. Extreme Speed, Dual CPU
    Designed to tackle the biggest challenges, the D30 delivers the ultimate in performance and expandability, and comes with Windows 8 Pro as the standard OS.

  6. mobile workstations

    Trạm Làm Việc Di Động
    Trạm làm việc cơ động nhẹ nhất & nhanh nhất trong ngành.

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