• Big Data

    Insights with Faster Time-to-Value

    The analysis of data drives decisions in every business. To gain better business insights, you need to manage the volume, variety, and velocity of data, while applying analytics. With Lenovo-engineered big data reference architectures validated on Lenovo servers, you can harness the power of ApacheTM Hadoop® with Cloudera®, Hortonworks®, IBM® and MapR®. Lenovo servers provide highly reliable and flexible foundations for your business analytics solutions so you can unlock the value of your data and deliver insights faster. 

    • Outstanding scalability so you can grow as your workloads grow
    • Industry-leading transaction processing so you can make better, faster business decisions
    • High-throughput capacity that enables you to respond more quickly
    • Optimized systems and validated reference architectures for faster time to value 

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    Lenovo Big Data RA for Cloudera Hadoop

    Lenovo delivers a certified reference architecture for Apache Hadoop environments based on the Cloudera Distribution Hadoop (CDH) platform. This tested configuration performs complex analytics on unstructured data leveraging the performance of the Lenovo x3550 M5 and x3650 M5 servers. This reference architecture provides the planning, design considerations, and best practices for implementing CDH with Lenovo products. 

    This RA also supports Apache Spark running on the x3550 M5 and x3650 M5 servers.  The general processing engine of Apache Spark is compatible with Hadoop data, can run programs significantly faster than Hadoop MapReduce and scales to support Cloudera Big Data deployment. 

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    Lenovo Big Data RA for Hortonworks

    This Lenovo Big Data Reference Architecture for Hortonworks Data Platform is certified by Hortonworks and provides a thoroughly tested and integrated solution that combines the benefits of leading-edge technologies with mature, enterprise-ready features. Starting with a preconfigured hardware platform that is Hortonworks certified helps your team to be up and running analytics quickly.

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    Lenovo Big Data RA for IBM BigInsights

    The Lenovo Big Data Reference Architecture for IBM BigInsights combines the Lenovo x3650 M5 server with IBM BigInsights, a distribution of Apache Hadoop for analysis of both unstructured and structured data. With enhanced performance, storage, and memory capacity, you can obtain faster insights from analysis of large-scale data.

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    Lenovo Big Data Configuration for Apache Spark

    Lenovo announces a new big data configuration for Apache Spark.

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    Lenovo Big Data RA for MapR Hadoop

    The Lenovo Big Data Reference Architecture for MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop is engineered to run the latest MapR Edition of the Apache™ Hadoop® distribution for a simple, reliable big data solution. On top of the platform services, MapR packages a broad set of Apache™ Hadoop® open source ecosystem projects that enable big data applications. The goal is to provide an open platform that lets administrators choose the right tool for the job. Built on the Lenovo System x3650 M5 and System x3550 M5 high performance servers and Lenovo RackSwitch switches, this architecture simplifies Hadoop implementation by combining the extensive API support and ease of use of MapR Hadoop with the performance and reliability of Lenovo servers and switches.

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    Lenovo Solutions for SAP HANA: Simple & Scalable

    You need new ways to accelerate decision making and gain insights into key trends locked in your data. With the Lenovo System solutions for SAP® HANA®, your organization will be able to instantly access, model, and analyze all of your SAP business transactional and analytical data from virtually any data source in real time.

    Enterprise Solution Services for SAP HANA

    Lenovo Enterprise Solution Services and qualified Lenovo Business Partners offer fast implementation services and ongoing maintenance of your SAP® HANA® solution. 24x7 managed services are available from Lenovo Enterprise Solutions Services.

    Lenovo Enterprise Solution Services for SAP HANA, solution reference number: DBSSAPX004

    SAP Business One With SAP HANA

    Lenovo System solutions for SAP Business One® with SAP® HANA® enable smaller businesses and subsidiaries to take advantage of in-memory computing technology with an affordable in-memory analytics platform.

    See also our industry alliances information on SAP HANA.


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  • SAP NetWeaver BWA

    SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator

    SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) provides a complete picture of your business from diverse data sources. It extends the reach of traditional SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse environments and enables near real-time analytics for those not ready to move to SAP® HANA®.

    Lenovo provides a choice of server solutions for SAP NetWeaver BWA depending on the size of your data and your scalability needs.

    See also our industry alliances information on SAP HANA.


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