Systems management tools from Lenovo enable you to get the most from your systems throughout their lifecycle. These tools help you increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and lower overall total cost of ownership.

  1. All-New Management Engine Embedded in Every ThinkSystem Server.
    XClarity Controller delivers modernized, streamlined, and fast out-of-band server management capabilities. Engineered on a foundation of open interoperability standards such as Redfish REST APIs, an intuitive, uncluttered web-based user interface, and the ability to configure and manage your servers from anywhere, XClarity Controller helps you deploy a future-defined data center.

  2. Accelerate Provisioning and Simplify Ongoing Management.
    Visualize and define Lenovo infrastructure, and enable software defined environments by integrating with open REST APIs.

  3. Extend Systems Management.
    Extend Lenovo infrastructure into common IT applications with XClarity Integrators, to centralize orchestration and administration of physical and software infrastructure elements.

  4. Control Server Power Utilization.
    Visualizes, monitors, analyzes, and enables policy-based control of server power consumption and cooling requirements.

  5. Get the Most From Your System x Servers. Makes managing your System x server environment less complicated, more productive, & more cost-effective.

  6. Get the Most From Your ThinkServers.
    System utilities built on open industry standards that can help reduce related IT expenses by increasing a server administrator's productivity.

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