Business Features, Extreme Mobility

Powered by Windows 8, ThinkPad tablets combine ultra-mobility, complete connectivity and smooth multitouch comfort with the traditional ThinkPad virtues of rugged reliability and unmatched security.

  1. thinkpad x1 tablet

    Tablet. Laptop. Projector. You Decide.

  2. tablet thinkpad 10

    Business Tablet with Full PC Capability
    Business-ready 10.1" tablet delivering a full PC experience with four versatile modes, and ecosystem including optional Ultrabook Keyboard, ThinkPad Tablet Dock, and Digitizer Pen.

  3. Complete Business 2-in-1s
    2-in-1s with four distinct modes.

  4. Multimode Business Tablet
    8.3" multimode tablet, optimized for professional use with Intel® Atom™ Quad Core processing, and three distinct modes.

  5. ThinkPad Yoga Series

    Multimode Business Ultrabook
    Premium business Ultrabook with four different usage modes.

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