Reliable Performance, Impressive Style

The Ideacentre family offers a wide range of responsive, stylish devices—from super-slim all-in-ones to powerful gaming towers and pocket-sized PC's.

  1. ideacentre 200

    Compact, Big Performance Desktop.
    Small, powerful desktop PC for easy use & home entertainment.

  2. ideacentre 300 series

    Powerful Family-Friendly Desktop
    Affordable, powerful desktop PCs for the home.

  3. IdeaCentre AIO 300

    Powerful All-You-Need All-in-One.
    High-performance AIO for home productivity. Sleek and powerful.

  4. Ideacentre AIO 500

    Reliable All-in-Ones
    Design meets functionality with these slim, affordable, family AIOs.

  5. Ideacentre Y900 Series

    Ultimate Gaming PC
    With its looks, power, & potential, this pure gaming tower will have your enemies running for cover.

  6. Ideacentre Y710 Cube

    Compact Gaming Tower
    Able to play the latest titles, wherever you want to play them. This compact unit has true gaming power, but is easy to carry and set up anywhere in your home – wherever you’re most comfortable playing – and it looks great, wherever that might be.

  7. Ideacentre 510s

    Easy-to-Use Essential Home PC
    Designed to meet all of your family's essential computing needs, without breaking the bank.

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