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  1. ThinkPad 13 Series:

    ThinkPad 13 Series

    Slim & light Ultrabook™, with battery life to spare

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  2. ThinkPad Edge Series Laptops: ThinkPad Edge E530 Laptop

    ThinkPad Edge Series Laptops

    Distinctive design, SMB manageability tools.

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  3. ThinkPad 11e Series Rugged Laptops:

    ThinkPad 11e Series Rugged Laptops

    Durable enough for school-wide deployment or on-the-go.

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  4. ThinkPad Yoga | 2-in-1 Laptops for Business: ThinkPad Yoga Series

    ThinkPad Yoga | 2-in-1 Laptops for Business

    12.5" or 14". All the benefits of a laptop, plus the convenience of a tablet

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  5. ThinkPad L Series: ThinkPad L Series

    ThinkPad L Series

    Tough and functional business laptops that fit the bill.

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  6. ThinkPad X Series Lightweight Ultrabooks: ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop

    ThinkPad X Series Lightweight Ultrabooks

    Ultralight, with performance for extreme mobility & epic battery life.

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  7. ThinkPad T Series: ThinkPad T Series

    ThinkPad T Series

    Performance and durability in our flagship laptop series.

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  8. ThinkPad W Series Mobile Workstation: ThinkPad W Series Portable Workstation

    ThinkPad W Series Mobile Workstation

    The industry's fastest & lightest mobile workstations.

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  9. ThinkPad Helix:

    ThinkPad Helix

    The most complete business 11.6" 2-in-1 convertible Ultrabook.

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  10. ThinkPad P Series:

    ThinkPad P Series

    High Performance, Professional Strength

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