Phone + Tablet = PHAB

Shoot, share, and play with precision engineered Android smartphones—featuring the most powerful processors, Full HD displays and innovative camera technology.

  1. Designed for those who love music & entertainment to go, the stylish 12.7cm (5) Vibe K5 Plus smartphone delivers high performance at an affordable price.
  2. A world of on-the-go entertainment awaits with the stylish Vibe K5 Note's vibrant 13.97cm (5.5) FHD display, enhanced Dolby Atmos® audio, and powerful octa-core processing.
    • Stylish, powerful 5" smartphone
    • Immersive, Dolby-enhanced audio
    • Super-responsive thanks to octa-core processing
    • 5" smartphone with epic battery
    • Splash-proof for worry-free use
    • Fast-charging for always-on life
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Lenovo has won more than 100 international awards for forward-thinking design.