Premium, Ultra-Slim Smartphones

State-of-the-art smartphones featuring the latest processor, display, and camera technology.

  1. With its outstanding cameras and brilliant 5.5” FHD display, the eye-catching Lenovo K6 Note lets you capture and relive every moment, perfectly.
  2. With up to 2 days battery life, vivid 12.7cm (5) FHD display, and sleek, full-metal unibody design, the Lenovo K6 Power is the smartphone that can't say no to fun.
  3. Complete with enhanced audio, octa-core processing, hi-res screen, and built-in high resolution cameras, the 13.97cm (5.5) K4 Note offers a truly immersive multimedia experience, without breaking the bank.
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Lenovo has won more than 100 international awards for forward-thinking design.