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Innovative Design, Responsive Performance

Lenovo laptops fit any budget while offering many designs and features — from basic family laptops, to high-performance gaming notebooks, to stylish multimode devices with smart designs that adapt to your needs. Match a laptop to your lifestyle.

Check out the Lenovo Laptops & Ultrabooks!
  1. Lenovo laptop lenovo b590 back list

    Small-Business Laptops
    Solid performing laptops designed to help save time & money.

  2. Lenovo laptop g50 back list image

    Everyday Laptops
    Essential functionality, plus some extras, to fit your family's needs & budget.

  3. Laptops Tailored to Business Needs
    V Series laptops are perfect for cost-conscious small business owners and frequent business travelers.

  4. High-Performance Gaming & Multimedia Laptops
    Featuring powerful processors, 3D-graphics technology, & studio-class audio.

  5. Designer Laptops/Ultrabooks
    Make a statement—these svelte, travel-ready Ultrabooks and laptops are meant to be shown off with everyday use.

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Lenovo has won more than 100 international awards for forward-thinking design.