• Warranty Services

    Warranty Services Upgrades and Post-Warranty Upgrades

    Ensure uninterrupted coverage to match the planned life of your system.

    In addition to your base warranty of one- to three-years, including parts and labor, Lenovo offers a wide range of flexible upgrades and extensions, including around-the-clock coverage, rapid-response, and up to five years of hardware warranty coverage.

    • Extensions and upgrades in increments up to five years
    • 4 hour response time, available 9x5 or 24x7
    • 6-hour or 24-hour committed service repair
    • Customer replaceable units
    • Technician installed parts
  • YourDrive YourData

    YourDrive YourData

    The YourDrive YourData service allows you to retain possession and dispose of failed drives. Otherwise, failed drives under warranty must be returned to Lenovo upon replacement.

    • Essential for organizations that must keep their data secure on their premises e.g., medical, retail, insurance, education, financial, and technology sectors
    • Cost of buying a single drive can be 5x the cost of paying for YourDrive YourData



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  • Enterprise SW Support

    Enterprise SW Support

    Priority Technical Support provides prioritized call queuing direct to Level 1 technicians.

    • Dedicated phone number
    • Call Center upgrade 24x7, local language
    • Rapid queue - less than 2-minute response
    • Call taken by advanced technician for faster resolution
    • Basic “How To” assistance provided
    • Advanced reporting included
    • Flexible – phone or web case logging

    Enterprise SW Support

    Enterprise Software Support provides comprehensive support covering server operating systems and business applications.

    • Single-source enterprise software support
    • Additional software support beyond hardware break/fix
      • Reduced problem resolution time
      • Reduced cost to address technical issues
      • Increased uptime
    • Unlimited access to technical experts
    • Fast, precise answers from highly trained call center experts

  • Managed Services

    Lenovo Managed Services

    Lenovo Managed Service provide consistent management, maintenance, and upgrade of SAP BWA or HANA solutions with:

    • 24x7 remote monitoring of SAP BWA/HANA hardware and software
    • Monitoring of the software stack (OS, GPFS, and SAP)
    • Ongoing health checks and scheduled upgrades
    • Records maintenance, ownership and resolution of related problems