Responsive, stylish, and powerful.

Reliable Performance, Impressive Style

The IdeaCentre family offers a wide range of responsive, stylish devices—from super-slim all-in-ones to powerful gaming towers and pocket-sized PC's.

IdeaCentre Brand
  1. Extreme Gaming Desktop
    Take your gaming to new heights

  2. Extreme Gaming Desktop
    Powerful gaming desktop
    Robust feature set
    Easy to upgrade

  3. Premium All-in-Ones
    High performance AIOs
    Stylish design
    Immersive sound

  4. High-Performance All-in-Ones
    Performance AIO PC
    High-end features
    Awesome for work & play

  5. Dependable All-in-Ones
    Reliable AIOs
    Sleek & elegant
    Immersive audio

  6. Entry-Level All-in-Ones
    Space-saving AIO
    Easy to upgrade

  7. Easy-To-Upgrade Powerhouses
    Traditional design
    Robust feature set
    Easy to upgrade

  8. High-performance home PCs
    Easy to use & powerful
    Fast, reliable, & secure
    Ideal for the whole family

  9. Powerful Family-Friendly Desktop
    Traditional design
    Great family PC

  10. Pocket-Sized PC
    Pocket-sized PC
    Incredibly versatile
    Great for media

  11. Serious Gaming Desktops
    Desktop PCs created for gamers, by gamers.

  12. Compact Entertainment PCs
    Big performance from a small tower

Lenovo - Reason 2


Lenovo systems undergo stress tests to meet rigorous reliability standards. Many of our laptops pass 8 military tests for extreme condition with dust and vibration, heat, cold, altitude, water, and humidity.