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State-of-the-art four-mode convertibles boasting lightning-fast processors, extreme mobility, and other premium features.

  1. Harness powerful processing and graphics on the go with the Yoga 720 (15). Immerse yourself in vibrant visuals or get creative with the optional Lenovo Active Pen. Yoga 720 (15) is the perfect companion to a dynamic lifestyle.
  2. The Yoga 720 (13) multimode laptop is a stylish fusion of portability and power. Powerful processing, a gorgeous display, and enhanced sound, mean you’ll enjoy stunning multimedia. And a fingerprint reader option makes security more convenient than ever.
    Starting at:
    HK$ 10,448.00
  3. The Yoga 710 (14") multimode laptop is unmistakably Yoga, thinner and lighter than previous generations and designed with a vibrant edgeless display. What’s more, its built-in antenna hinge provides a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.
    Starting at:
    HK$ 8,498.00
    After eCoupon: 
    HK$ 7,898.00
    HK$ 600.00
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Above machine specification information is for reference only and it refers to the highest configuration which the machine is compatible with, yet certain configuration may not available in Hong Kong due to reasons includes but not limited to hardware supply limitation, country (local market) regulation and so on. Please refer to the specific model description for configuration detail before you place order.

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Lenovo has won more than 100 international awards for forward-thinking design.