RackSwitch switches deliver speed & intelligence to the edge of your network, where it's closer to your business & your users. These switches offer low latency & low power use.

  1. 10/40 GbE top of rack switch specifically designed for clients needing an ultra-low latency switch for applications requiring exceptional performance. Combines state of the art 1.44 Tbps throughput with forty-eight 10 GbE SFP+ ports & six 40GbE QSFP+ ports in a 1U form factor.

  2. Simplifies deployment & protects investment with Omni Ports, which deliver convergence of Ethernet & Fibre channel in a single switch. Choose 1/10/40 Gb Ethernet, 4/8 Gb Fibre Channel, or a combination. Offers state of the art 1.28 Tbps throughput in an ultra-dense 1U form factor.

  3. 10GBase-T top of rack switch which provides a flexible & low-cost connectivity option for servers & storage devices.

  4. Low-cost, entry-level 40 Gb Ethernet top of rack aggregation switch specifically designed for applications requiring performance. It combines state of the art 1.28 Tbps throughput with 16 QSFP+ ports or up to 64 10 Gb SFP+ ports in a 1U form factor.

  5. Network Adapters Tailored to Optimize Customer Workloads
    Lenovo System x adapters provide industry latest networking solutions to address Ethernet, Inifiband , Converged and Virtualized data center networking requirements.