Diverse Styles, Singular Performance

Everyday laptops for first-time users. High-performance notebooks for serious gamers. Convertible PCs for those who like their entertainment on the go. There’s an Ideapad for everyone. Embracing form, function, style, and fun, each Ideapad delivers responsive performance you can count on.

  1. IdeaPad Y900

    Ultimate Gaming Notebooks
    Epic performance and responsiveness in one seriously powerful gaming notebook.

  2. IdeaPad Y700

    Solid Gaming Notebooks
    No-fuss gaming notebooks with exceptional multimedia & powerful accessories.

  3. lenovo laptop legion y720 15 front

    Serious Gaming Laptops.
    Gaming laptops designed by people who understand gamers' needs, built to deliver the ultimate gaming experience right out of the box.

  4. IdeaPad 700

    High-Performance Multimedia Laptops
    Sleek, light, and powerful laptops with cutting-edge technology and enhanced multimedia features.

  5. IdeaPad 500

    Powerful Multimedia Laptops
    Laptops that combine robust multimedia features with serious horsepower.

  6. IdeaPad 300

    Affordable Stylish Laptops
    Budget-friendly laptops with super-fast Internet speeds as standard.

  7. IdeaPad 100

    Affordabe Personal Laptops
    Productive entry-level laptops at prices that won't break your budget.

  8. IdeaPad Miix

    Affordable Windows Notebooks
    Windows-based with PC-level processing power, Ideapad Miix tablets let you mix business and fun in a very affordable way.