Stylish Design, Maximum Fun

The IdeaCentre desktop line offers the features you need in your choice of elegantly designed, space-saving packages. From famiy-friendly All-in-One systems to our cutting-edge gaming desktop, IdeaCentre PCs deliver serious home entertainment in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit your lifestyle perfectly. IdeaCentre Desktops & All-in-Ones Comp

  1. IdeaCentre Y900

    Ultimate Gaming Towers
    High-performing, eye-catching, and powerful gaming towers that put you firmly in the driver's seat.

  2. IdeaCentre Y900

    PC Gaming Tower
    Easy to upgrade and expand, this PC gaming tower gives you serious firepower right out of the box.

  3. IdeaCentre AIO 900

    Premium All-in-Ones
    High-performance, cutting-edge, and design-driven AIOs for immersive entertainment.

  4. IdeaCentre AIO 700

    High-Performance All-in-Ones
    Balancing productivity with price, these AIOs are ideal for work and play.

  5. IdeaCentre AIO 500

    Powerful, Space-Saving All-in-One
    A super-slim, ergonomic AIO with an impressive stereo sound.

  6. IdeaCentre AIO 300

    Powerful All-You-Need All-in-One.

  7. IdeaCentre 710


    Reliability, Design, and Performance in One
    High-performance desktop with expandable storage to meet your future needs.

  8. IdeaCentre 610s

    Compact Home Entertainment PC
    Transforms even the smallest of rooms into an entertainment powerhouse.

  9. IdeaCentre 500

    Easy-to-Use Essential Home PC
    Designed to meet all of your family's essential computing needs, without breaking the bank.

  10. IdeaCentre 300

    Powerful Family-Friendly Desktop
    Affordable, powerful desktop PCs for the home.

  11. IdeaCentre 200

    Compact Big Performance Desktop
    Small, powerful desktop PC for easy use and home entertainment.